About Colin

For the past 9 years I have been the ICT Coordinator and Support teacher at an independent Angican boys school in Adelaide. I have always loved technology and started off using an Apple II in 1983 (my first year of teaching). My current focus is to get my head around the large amount of Web2.0 tools, inspire my colleagues to use them and interact with my online PLN.

I have taught in Victoria, Papua New Guinea and now Adelaide. In the past I have been a class teacher (10 years),  a maths specialist teacher (and ICT coordinator), and a curriculum project officer.

Other than teaching, I am an addicted long distance runner, I love reading and listening to music, go skiing each winter, but most of all, I like watching my children play sport and just being with them.

At school I also coordinate the cricket program, the cross country program and I run the annual ski trip.

I hope you find reading my blog, and interacting in my PLN, rewarding.

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email: cjb@stpeters.sa.edu.au

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