All I’ve Got To Do . . .

During term 4 of 2008 I was supporting 3 Year 7 classes and taking them through a Web2 journey. One of the tasks was to use Voicethread as a tool for responding to a book that the class had read. Other than some microphone settings hitches (we have them all the time on our pcs – never on the macs), it all went well and there were some good products.

More important for me, were the teachers’ responses. I sort of got the impression that they saw it as a ‘good’ task, but I’m not sure that they were bowled over by the possibilities. Eg, how else could VoiceThread be used? Where in my curriculum could this come in handy? How could I use it to make my students passionate about something?

This morning, I found a voicethread that looks at the issue of Darfur. The discussion going one here is great. The students aren’t afraid to voice their opinions nor to disagree with their peers.

What do I have to do to get teachers to think about the possibilities and to have a go?

Photo: source Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike 2.0 Generic license